We believe access to quality education unlocks doors to

new opportunities.

Who We Are

We took the common saying “Think globally act locally” and flipped it around to

“Think locally act globally”

3 locations
in Nepal

Serving rural communities

Educating 400+ students

Focusing on a holistic learning experience inclusive of the arts

30+ Full Time Employees

To support the students and volunteers

500+ International Volunteers

Bringing their unique perspectives to promote a common goal

Challenges We Face

“For the community and by the community”

The first of the 3 schools, Maya Universe Academy, was founded in 2011 in Ratamata, a small village in Nepal between Katmandu and Pokhara. The school is helmed by Manjil Rana and was created with the goal of establishing free private schools that improves access to affordable and quality education for children living in traditionally underserved rural communities. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to access quality education which should be a fundamental right for all.

Maya Universe Academy accepts and treats all students equally regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, beliefs and gender. Along with our sustainable model of “For the community, and by the community” our school generates funds through volunteers from Europe and the Americas. If the students are the soul of Maya and the school is its body, in many ways, the volunteers are like oxygen, constantly being refreshed and an essential part for us to create a self sustainable model.

Help empower the dreams of children!

Through COE we want to help empower the dreams of children and provide them the best possible opportunities. To help make this dream a reality we require your donations that will go towards helping improve the lives and growth of these children!

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