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The values we create

“For the community and by the community”

We believe access to quality education should be free and can be used to unlock doors to new opportunities

Through social entrepreneurship and an inclusive curriculum, our chain of private schools makes high-quality education accessible in rural areas. Parents and other family members of the students work for our social enterprises for two days a month. Instead of paying tuition, they trade knowledge and skills for the education of their children. During those two days every month, they build classrooms, farm the land, and make jewelry that we sell as an additional source of income. We, thus, work with the community to make education accessible in rural areas, while promoting sustainable community development and trade. We invest in our students’ families because their well-being is essential to the education and future of our students.

Along with our sustainable model of “for the community and by the community”, our school also generates funds through volunteers from Europe and the Americas. If the students are the soul of Maya and the school is its body, in many ways the volunteers are like oxygen, an essential part for us to create a self- sustainable model. We took the saying “think globally, act locally” and flipped it around to “think locally, act globally”.

Our volunteers brings with them a wealth of knowledge and unique experiences which they share with the students and full time educators at Maya. Volunteers take on various roles at our campuses ranging from teaching to sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, and construction.

Educating 400+

30+ Full Time

500+ International Volunteers

What we do

“Maya aims to create a chain of free private schools that improves access to affordable and quality education to children living in rural Nepal”

Maya Sustainability

Maya schools promote sustainable development through projects in agriculture, horticulture and animal farming.

Maya Friends

Maya has connected like minded individuals from multiple countries with foundations in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, The United States and South Korea.

Maya Homes

Maya currently cares for ninety children aged six to seventeen. Maya Home is an educational institution that houses students from many different backgrounds.

Help empower the dreams of children!

Through COE we want to help empower the dreams of children and provide them the best possible opportunities. To help make this dream a reality we require your donations that will go towards helping improve the lives and growth of these children!

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